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A confidential space to explore the thoughts, feelings and challenges in your life

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Wellbeing Counselling. My name is Andy Geddes and I am a counsellor providing both short- and long-term therapy to adult individuals in W3 6QJ.

Counselling and therapy in a safe, comfortable and private setting

I have considerable expertise formed having lived through many of the painful life-experiences that so many of us struggle with.  

I trained at The Metanoia Institute as an integrative therapist, which means I can employ a mix of techniques depending on the particular concerns of the person and the uniqueness of the moment.

I have years of experience working this way with people of every age, race, gender and background.

These are tough and profoundly challenging times!

How do we face unexpected emotional upheavals?

Theu can feel so overwhelming cant they? 

How can we learn to cope with the grief and the loss of a loved one, or the depression and anxiety that can follow sudden unemployment? 

Is it possible to heal and repair a broken relationship and come to terms with the painful fall out from an affair?

Can we ever be free of the deep anxiety and despair originating in our distant past and childhood trauma? 


Do we have to simply accept that these feelings will be painfully present with us indefinitely, or can we somehow integrate them into our lives so that like persistent nightmares, they no longer keep us awake at night?  

I am convinced from my own experience that we can indeed move on and that in time, with effort and the right help, change and healing is possible.

I aim to provide a warm, safe and empathic space where you can be heard without judgement, where whatever it is, we can explore it together.  I try to listen to both what is said and to what is not always so easy to say.     

I believe that our work is more than about overcoming a problem; not just about getting back to where we were before.

My conviction is that by integrating whatever it is that causes us to suffer, we can come through enriched, stronger, more creative and compassionate than before.       

I work with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, coming to me with a diverse range of problems. As a fully-qualified counsellor I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and abide by their code of ethics.

Speak in Confidence

Counselling takes place in a safe space, where you can meet with someone who will listen with sensitivity and empathy - and without judgement. In the therapy space thoughts and feelings can be expressed freely and in confidence.

In Relationships

As mentioned earlier, I work with people of all kinds, but my own life-experience has given me particular insight into the lot of men and the partners of men struggling to understand them.

From my own journey through childhood, adolescence and into manhood, I have a keen, awareness and sympathy toward the position that so many men and young men find themselves.

Although there have been positive shifts toward a more equitable and fairer society and men are perhaps more able than they were to find expression for their emotions, there still seems a long way to go.  

In times of crisis, many of us are less likely to have supportive people around us to whom we can turn.  It can be hard to confide difficult and complex emotions, even to a close friend, when there is not the language with which to express them, never mind a space, where tears can flow without judgement or embarrassment.

When relationships fall apart, the shock, sense of confusion anger and bitter resentment, with no-one to turn to, can be unbearable!

I provide a friendly sympathetic and understanding space where we can talk these things through freely together in confidentiality and for as long as it takes. 


A problem shared...

For many of us, these are particularly tough times and the challenges that we find ourselves up against, daunting!  

Not-withstanding the shock to all of us of the Covid 19 global pandemic, we are faced with other crises that also seem to threaten our well-being.  

The threat of climate change is particularly urgent and the growing rifts in society associated with wealth inequality do not seem to be closing any time soon.  

Many people have faced loss of employment or great uncertainty around their future work.  Despite the extraordinary advances in technology and our capacity to communicate globally through the internet, there is a deepening worry around the impact that social media has on our young people and there is a sense of rapid fragmentation in society in general.

No wonder that against such a backdrop we often feel powerless in the face of forces over which we have little or no control.  And that’s ‘just’ the big stuff.  No wonder too, that so many people are suffering from anxiety and depression and a generalised sense that life and everything is overwhelming; just all too much!

As a consequence, it’s understandable that even the most resilient amongst us can feel hopeless and despairing in the face of these global challenges.  That’s even before we consider our own lives and the difficult struggles that seem unique to ‘just’ us.

I believe I have much to offer, if you or someone close to you is in this position. 

Make better, healthier new choices

Working together I can help you gain greater insight into the difficulties you are facing, help you understand why you act or react to them the way you do, and see how you can start to make better, heathier choices moving forward.

What issues can counselling help with?

People come to me for help a wide range of issues. Here are a few of the more common difficulties that can be supported through counselling:


Problems with confidence or self-esteem

Anger management

Issues relating to sexuality

Difficulties at work or in retirement

Problems with family or school life

Feelings of stress or anxiety

Panic attacks

Relationship problems

Grief, loss or bereavement

Problems with addiction

Trauma and post-traumatic stress


My location

I work from home in a quiet part of West London and see clients living in the areas surrounding W3 areas.

I will provide location details when we arrange our counselling sessions.

In addition to providing face-to-face therapy, I also offer telephone counselling and online sessions for clients in the London area. Contact me to find out more about how online therapy works.

Fees & availability

Counselling sessions for individuals last 50 minutes, usually taking place on a weekly basis, and cost £60 per session. I also provide a limited number of spaces for those on low-income or for students; contact me to enquire about availability. Initial assessment appointments last around 75 minutes.

Note that if you want to cancel an appointment I require 48 hours’ notice; otherwise you will still need to pay for any sessions missed. I accept payment in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how counselling works, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to counselling, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help.

You can also call me on 07973 439008 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services. Find out more by reading my Privacy Policy.

“Following an episode of severe anxiety and depression, I knew that I needed someone to talk to for longer than the standard six sessions I had been offered in the past. I spent some time researching possible therapists and decided on Andy after much deliberation. This turned out to be one of the better decisions I have made concerning my mental health.

Andy is a warm and empathetic individual and made me feel relaxed and at ease. Together we explored the root causes of my depression and anxiety. I found that Andy was insightful and was able to relate to the way I was feeling. He had a good understanding of my “life issues” and helped me to explore unresolved issues from earlier life events, as well as helping me to deal with current issues affecting my mental health.


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